What should I do if the problem about the earphones is not mentioned in this FAQ?

If there is no solution for your problem in this FAQ, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team([email protected]) and we will provide you a solution as soon as possible. If we confirmed that the problem couldn't be solved, we will apply the replacement or refund for you.

How long is the warranty period?

TRUEFREE provides a 12-month warranty for every product. Your satisfaction is always greatly important to us.

What can I do if the earphones stopped connecting to my device?

  1. Clear the pairing records between the earphones and all of the previous devices.
  2. Try to clear some Bluetooth listings on your device and restart the device.
  3. Put the earphones into the charging case to reset.
  4. Take the earphones out of the charging case. Activate Bluetooth on the device, and choose "TRUEFREE O1" on Bluetooth list to pair.

How to reset TRUEFREE O1?

  1. Place the earphones back into the charging case, and make sure they are correctly placed.   
  2. Keep the charging case lid open, and press and hold the button on the charging case for 10 seconds until the lights in the charging case flash white twice, and the reset is complete.
  3. Close the charging case lid and re-open it, the earphones are activated.

What can I do if the left earphone and the right earphone won
t work together? Or one earphone doesnt work?

  1. Please use a bit of light microfiber cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the charging connectors to ensure the earphones charge well.
  2. Put them into the charging case to reset.

What can I do if the earphones connect to my phone, but not my

1.Unpaired the earphones from the phone, then the earphones will lose Bluetooth connection to the phone and enter into pairing mode.

2. Put the earphones into the charging case to reset.

3.Then open the Bluetooth of your Mac-book/computer to connect.

4.If those do not help, you may need to update your computer's Bluetooth driver. There is no driver for it. Bluetooth drivers must come from the specific manufacturer for your exact computer model. Download and install the appropriate Bluetooth driver from the computer vendor's website, then restart your system before attempting to pair and connect to your earphones.


How to connect the earphones with two devices at the same time?

1.Please download the TRUEFREE APP.

2.Please open the TRUEFREE APP, connect to the headphones, find and choose to open multi-point connection function.

3.The operation steps are as follows:

1) Please pair the headset with device A first, and then turn off the Bluetooth function of device A after confirming that the pairing is completed.

2) Next, please repeat the pairing operation to connect the earphones to device B, keep the connection between the earphones and device B.

3) Finally, turn on the Bluetooth function of device A and pair it with the earphones, you can use the multi-point connection function.

*NOTE: After manually pairing two Bluetooth devices for the first time, the Bluetooth connection will be established automatically from the second time.

*NOTE: LDAC cannot be used during multi-point connection.(LDAC is a high-definition decoder that occupies a lot of channels and can easily get stuck when turned on. )


What can I do if any earphone stopped charging?

1) Please leave the earphones out of the charging case for 2 days;

2) Please use soft cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the charging connectors;

3) Please close the cover of the case to charge the earbuds over 2 hours;

4) Please reset the earphones.

Warm tip: Please be careful not to press the earphones too hard in the charging case, so as not to damage the copper pillars in the charging case.


Why are the earphones still connecting to my phone after placing them back and close the case lid?
  1. The charging case has no remaining power. Placing the earphones back into the charging case can’t turn them off if the case battery is dead.
  2. Please make sure the earphones are correctly placed in the charging case, and make sure the charging contacts are clean. Please try to clean the places between the charging case and the earphones with something like a microfiber cloth.


What can I do if the touch controls do not work always?
  1. Please check if you have turn off the “Disable all touch controls”on APP.
  2. Please touch the middle of the control zone. And when your hand is wet, the touch control may not respond well, please keep your hand dry.
  3. Please try to skip the songs more times, you will find the best frequency to control the earphones. When you don't find the frequency you may think the earphones don't work, please give it some patient.

*NOTE: Another way for you to have a try: discharge the earphones, then re-charge and reset.


Why the touch function is still valid after we choose Disable all touch controlson APP.

     The custom touch function is a new feature and you need to update the firmware of the earbuds first.

  1. Please login the app, take out the earbuds and connect the device. Click the setting icon on the upper right corner-"firmware update"
  2. Update the headphones to the latest version.
  3. Place the earphones back to the charging case and exit APPafter updated.
  4. Take out the headphones from the charging case and connect to the APP again. Choose the “Disable all touch controls”, then you can’t touch control the earbuds anymore.

*NOTE: You can still turn off the earbuds by long press the touch button even if choose this function.


Precautions during the APP upgrade process:
  1. During the upgrade, the distance between the earphone and the mobile phone must be within 0.5 meters;
  2. Please turn on the earphone;
  3. Do not disconnect, play music or answer the phone calls;
  4. Don't close or shrink the upgrade page;
  5. Make sure your phone is connected with good network.


Why does the volume of the earphonesreduce after using a period of time?
  1. It may be caused by the sound hole being blocked by foreign objects. Please clean the earphones regularly to avoid dust or secretions blocking.
  2. Please change other devices to see if the problem still exists.
  3. Please reset the earphones.


Why the earphone lost the sound all of a sudden?

Please check if you connect the earphone to the other device at the same time, then please clear the pairing record on the device which you do not need temporarily.


What can I do if one earphone is quieter than the the other?
  1. Please change other songs or videos. For some songs and videos, the sound effect is unstable. 
  2. Please change other devices. You can try this way:

         - Unpaired and delete from your original device

         - Pair to a new device and play music

         - Unpaired and delete from this new device

         - Pair back with original device

  1. Please clean off the screen with a little alcohol.
  2. Try to reset the earphones.
  3. Please adjust the “Audio Equalizer” in your phone:
        For iPhone:  [General] - [Accessibility] - [Hearing]
        For Android: [Accessibility features] - [Accessibility] - [Audio balance]


Why the other side could not hear me when calling?
  1. Please wear both earphones together instead of any single one.
  2. Please choose to pick up phone calls via the earphones.
  3. Please do not mute the phone calls.
  4. Please clean the Mic holes to avoid dust or secretions blocking.
  5. Please adjust the volume through the earphones and devices.
  6. If you are using the earphones with an Android phone, please check the settings to see if you have allowed both phone audio and media audio to be transmitted through the earphones.
  7. Please change other devices to have a try.


What does the indicator light of the charging case display? 
  1. The battery powerof the charging case:

     Three white lights stay on     100%—60%

     Two white lights stay on     59%-30%

     One white light stays on     Less than 30%

  1. When charging the charging box, the indicator light shows:

     Three white lights stay on     100%

      Three white lights flash     99%-60%

      Two white lights flash      59% - 30%

      One white light flashes     Less than 30%


How to charge the charging case?
  1. Connect the charging case to a Type-C charger. (The current does not exceed 1A).
  2. If the earphones stay idle for an extended period, charge them at least every three months to prevent the battery from being damaged.


What should I do if the charging case won’t charge?

Please try to use another known working charging cable to charge the charging case for more than 10 hours through your computer. When you charge the case, please take both earphones out of charge case.
Compared to other electronics, the earphones are low power products. Hence for charging safety, please use the regular charger head in good status.

Care and Maintenance

* Keep the earphone away from humidity.

* Do not put the product under direct sunlight or hot areas. High temperatures will shorten lifespan of the earphone, battery or the internal circuit board.

* Power off the earphone when not in use or before storing.

* Do not try to take the earphone apart.

* Avoid dropping or knocking your earphone on hard surfaces.

* Do not use chemicals or detergents to clean the earphone.

* Do not scrape the surface with sharp objects.

* Please use a soft cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the charging connectors after using, especially after the earbuds have been soaked in rain, sweat or other water drops.

* When the charging case and the earphone have low battery, please charge it in time. And please do not use fast charger.

* Please charge the earphones and charging case at least once per 3 months when not in use for a long time. 

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